Taxation Softwares

  • Incometax software - ITR-A Software for preparation of Incometax Returns, Computation, AIR e-returns & lots of other features.
  • Tds Software - e-Tds returns with facility to import data form excel, TDS Certificates, 27A, FVU file, 26Q, 24Q, 16, 16A, 15G, 15H & other features.
  • Servicetax Return - Preparation of ST-1,3,4,5,6,7 with auto-calucation of interest,Preparation of Challan, Annexures for Cenvat Credit.
  • ROC Software - Preparations of Roc e-forms, Resolutions, Minutes & Registers, Attachments in PDF Form, Facility to Convert Word, Txt files in PDF & various types of reports & other features.
  • CMA Software - Preparation of CMA data along with ratio analysis and lots of feature.
  • Sale Tax Software - Sale Tax Returns, Vat Audit, Data Entry of Sale & Purchases, Computation of Vat, CST, WC, Composition , Automatic all vat returns, e-filing, Facility to Auto Prepare Audit Report and other features .
  • Balance Sheet - Preparation of Balance sheet Horizontal, Vertical & as per schedule VI with facility to import data from Tally, Excel, Audit Reports viz forms 3CA, 3CB, 3CD with Annexures, Company Report, CARO, Notice, Director’s Report, Notes on Accounts etc.
  • CompuWEB - Allows users to access all of CompuOffice software(s) from anywhere in the world. Allow access to office staff according to the rights assigned to them.